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Consistence and sustainability has been the key word and motto for our success over the years. Of course reliability, dedication and customer’s satisfaction are the complementing factors that our forefathers valued greatly of which we are very proud of inheriting. We have been brought up to be good believers of hard work, faithfulness and honesty which has led our good name to come a long way over the many years.

Our growth has been organic and concentrated on what we know and do. We have learned to take conservative approaches on all aspects of our business conduct in order to achieve steady and good results.

The human factor is another important issue that we pay very high respect to.

In this extent, we contribute to the welfare of our society in terms of financial participation for education, health and other social services.

Last but not the least, we always very much respect and envy those who accept the challenges of a hard life at sea while making extraordinary sacrifices at the expense of themselves and their families...


Yours Faithfully,

Antmarin Group of Companies

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