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Antmarin Group of Companies, owned by the Akincioğlu family, was established in the early 1970's in Antalya and has been fully active in the various fields of shipping, tourism, general export, construction, real-estate investments and developments.

The main activities of Antmarin can be summarized as; various shipping services, tugboat and chemical tanker builder ownership and management, port operation services, salvage operations, cruise ship ground handling operation, ship chandelling, general food exportation, construction, hotel and marina management.


The group through its shipbuilding subsidiary has completed constructions of 3 chemical tankers of 5750 DWT, 3 heavy lift container feeder ships of 4000 DWT, of 2000 HP and have delivered them to their new owners.


Antmarin is experienced in providing a wide range of port services with its own fleet of various sea crafts, equipment and highly qualified personnel at the privatized ports of Marmaris, Antalya and Alanya, as well as at the ports of Gocek, Fethiye and Aksaz. Furthermore, the well-established network of offices and qualified staff enables the Group to provide the most competitive and dedicated agency services to all types of vessels at all the Turkish ports around the clock.

Providing specialized marine services with self-designed and built equipment, such as prevention of sea pollution, building and operation of waste receiving facilities as well as physical floating security barriers are some of the unique capabilities of the group at the southern Turkish coasts.

Group has completed construction of Adakoy Resort Hotel at its own property in Marmaris as well as adjacent boutique marina of Marmaris Adakoy Marina with 150 yacht capacity. 

Also construction of a new resort hotel of Andriake Beach Resort in Demre/Antalya with 150 rooms has been completed within record speed of just over 6 months duration and commenced operation May 2014. 

Antmarin Group of Companies is proudly participating in various social welfare projects in Antalya.

The President of the Group is the Honorary Consul of Spain in South-Western Turkey since early 1980.

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